Virgin Mobile now in Canada

Posted by Stefan on January 31st, 2010 in Cell Phones | No Comments


Now Virgin Mobile is ready to rock the Canada people with their interesting features and smart look. They are well prepared and this time they are providing their Canadian customers with HSPA support as well. They have also worked on their basic models and have brought out some thing new with more details features for all of you. The download and upload speed have been increased. But the best part about them (this time) is their outer appearance. Yes their smart outer look is more than enough to tempt you all. You will also be featured with wireless MiFi. So get ready to experience their cool features as well. Their pricing is also within the affordable range. Hence check out all their features nicely and then decide that whether they will suit you need or not. You all can also strike some good deal with the company. So be quick in deciding.

( via virgin)

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