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Vivitar DVR 410 Flash Memory Camcorder with 1.8 inch monitor is a new product available in the electronic market at a price as low as 30 dollars. The LCD monitor that is in the camcorder measures to 1.8 inches. This monitor enables you to see the still and moving objects you are about to capture before you record them. The zoom feature inculcated gives you to take shots of distant objects too without any problem. This camera comes with an instruction manual too,  to facilitate you to have a better idea of the product before you use it.

The zoom available is the maximum of 4 X in this camcorder. The anti shake property of this Vivitar DVR 410 Flash Memory Camcorder with 1.8” monitor makes both still and  moving picture capture stable. Both QVGA and VGA resolutions are supported by this camcorder. The still images captured manifests a resolution of 1.3 megapixels. The memory of the camcorder can be expanded to about 2 GB with the use of external digital memory cards. The USB port in the camcorder enables the user to transfer files from the camcorder to his personal computer or laptop by connecting the two.

The Vivitar DVR 410 Flash Memory Camcorder with 1.8 inch Monitor is not provided with image stabilization feature. So, you cannot avail auto image correction. The memory sticks that can be inserted in this camcorder are SD types. The memory type included is the flash kind. The warranty period available is as usual as one year both for spare parts and labour involved.

The Vivitar DVR 410 Flash Memory Camcorder with 1.8 inches Monitor does not have the ability to capture high definition images. However, the shoot and share option is incorporated. The camcorder is not a water proof product nor does it have touchscreen features. The camcorder is very handy and portable because of its small size. You can thus, carry it wherever you go and photograph images whenever you want. The user’s manual gives you every inch of detail required for you to handle the camcorder easily. This camcorder is highly cost effective, eye catchy and portable. You can buy it if you are a starter or first time learner. The features incorporated are enough for you to go with this product.

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