VIZIO’s 2010 LCD lineup with all round LED

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When looking for a lineup for LCD with the backlit of the amazing LED technology between 42 to 55 inches in 2010, VIZIO XVT Pro 3D HDTV model is the lineup that cannot be missed in this August. Not only has it had the backlit of the true life LED for HDTV, it also came with the amazing Internet Application of VIZIO technology for most updated and revolutionized wireless technology.

Together with the Bluetooth technology integrated, additional HDMI slot and improved Studio Sound for HD, it allows the series of XVT HDTV to create a true and amazing experience for all of its users.

There are even the HDTV series between 16 to 37 inches, which also have the amazing backlit with the Razor LED treatment giving the amazing experiences any HDTV would provide. The VIZIO XVT HDTV series not only providing the amazing experiences, it also has the HDTV for anyone of any sort at any places with any needs.

( via engadget )

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