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VIZIO SV470M is the new LCD High Definition Television that has full HD or 1080p resolution. Priced competitively close to $600 at the time of writing, the 47 inch VIZIO SV470M is fit for medium to large size rooms, giving you decent video quality.

The high refreshing rate of 120 Hz makes this LCD HDTV free from blinks that 60 Hz TV suffer from. You will find the videos extra smooth with this TV. Combine this with the 1080p resolution and you are going to see a really high quality video with this TV.

VIZIO SV470M has dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1. The high dynamic contrast ratio makes black and darker colors richer giving you brilliance in color. VIZIO SV470M freature SRS TruSurround HD technology giving you good quality, HD audio.

VIZIO SV470M response time of 5 milliseconds which makes fast moving videos free from smokes. The VIZIO SV470M has brightness at 500 candela per sq meter. This brightness level should give out decent video quality.

VIZIO SV470M has two speakers, each consuming 5 watts per channel. The quality of the sound is decent, but you may like to have a Home Theater if you are sensitive to sound quality.

VIZIO SV470M boasta four HDMI input ports. Three of these are on the one side of the TV. One HDMI connector is on the rear side of the TV. Besides this VIZIO SV470M features a components video connector, a connector for composite video, a VGA connector in addition to an S video connector. It also has a RF Connector, which can take in the coaxial connector from Cable TV or broadcast antennal. VIZIO SV470M has built in ASTC digital tuner and NTSC Analog tuner. The unit also has a USB connector which can be used to hook a pen drive containing pictures. You can browse the pictures contained in the USB pen drive.

On the downside the VIZIO SV470M does not has a wired or wireless internet connectivity, that is found in many of the TVs available now a days.

The VIZIO SV470M is a simple TV that has good quality with its 120 Hz refresh rate, high contrast ratio and full HD 1080p resolution. Look for bargain near $550 and this TV should be worth it.

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