Vodafone UK will not be offering Sony Ericsson Xperia X2

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Vodafone UK has announced that it will be no more offering the Windows Mobile-powered handset, namely Xperia X2 from Sony Ericsson. British people should be aware of the news that Xperia X2 has been removed from Vodafone’s portfolio. Xperia X2 is a powerful device having wonderful specifications but its launch has been delayed because its testing has been extended and probably this is one of the reasons why Vodafone has removed it from its list.
Initially, the device was supposed to be launched by January 2010 beginning, but now there is no hope of the device to be launched very soon. The company has shown disappointment for not being able to release the phone in UK as promised but at the same time it has announced a number of innovative and new products to be launched in the market this year.
Xperia X2 from Sony Ericsson is featured with a 3.2” WVGA OLED touchscreen display, an 8.1 Mega Pixel camera with auto focus and dual flash, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in GPS and accelerometer and capability to capture a video. It also has a Windows Mobile 6.5 OS, FM radio tuner and a headphone jack.

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