Volvo V60 2012 Wagon

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Volvo has recently come up with the new S60 version which was most adored by the car enthusiasts. The thought of making significantly large sale and stand ahead of all in the tough competition, conceived the idea of adding some innovations and style to the already existing S60 model. This innovative thought will be soon reflecting in the market with the name Volvo V60 2012 Wagon. By now, it is clear that the new design is based on the platform of S60 model. The company is planning to roll out about 50,000 cars to serve the buyers passion.

The specially designed chassis of Volvo V60 2012 offer joy and magnificent driving experience with its purely advanced safety features and the muscular power mechanism. The exterior gestures of V60 are designed in two different styles such as dynamic style and touring style. Dynamic style would be its standard style in the European market whereas the touring style will make its presence outside Europe. The two styles get differentiation in dampers, front frames and rear frames.

The Volvo V60 2012 will be rolled out with eight engine choices. 5 options of petrol engine and 3 of diesel will be available. The T6 petrol engine is the assembly of 3.0 liter and 6 cylinders with the capacity to generate 304 hp and the torque of 440 Nm. The T5 and 2T petrol engines have the displacement of 2.0 liters inlined with 4 cylinders. The T5 produces 240 hp and torque of 320 Nm whereas the 2T produces 203 hp and torque of 300 Nm.  The T3 and T4 engines has the displacement of 1.6 liter and 4 cylinders in-lined to generate the momentum of 150 hp and 180 hp with the torque common of 240 Nm.

The diesel engine also offers the great choices of turbocharger engines. The D5 version is featured with twin turbo to generate the momentum of 205 hp and a torque of 420 Nm. Using this engine version the velocity is extended from 0 – 100 Km/h in 7.9 seconds. The D3 level comes with 5 cylinders 2.0 litre engine to offer the momentum of 160 hp and the torque of 400 Nm. Using this mechanism the velocity is raised from 0 – 100 km/h in not more than 9.4 seconds. The D3 and D5 engines are mated with six speed automatic transmission with the choice to opt for six speed manual transmissions. The latest DRIVe version is unique with V60. It is the assembly of 1.6 liter displacement powered to produce 115 hp and 270 Nm of torque. This will be paired with six speed manual transmission.

The interiors of Volvo V60 2012 vehicle are generously spaced with five seating arrangements. The cabin design is driver specific. The rear seat is featured with 40/20/40 split function which is used to increase the cargo floor if required. The safety features have advanced technologies like pedestrian detection technology; city safety feature is designed with automatic brakeforce application system in case the driver cannot control the wagon. The sports vehicle will be added with traditional cruise control along with vehicle stability system.

Accounting on these unique and advanced features the sports wagon is fully furnished to sustain in the wind current of tough competition. The drive can experience the ultimate experience with Volvo V60  2012 sports wagon.

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