VUDU hub adds a new feature: Wikipedia app

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The VUDU hub is reportedly said to have recently added a Wikipedia to its interactive interface in its video service “On-demand”. It is now letting users to access information about any movie or Television show they’re considering watching by using this wiki. The application also includes links to various site related aspects such as the actors, actresses and their movies and the directors related to any title of any show one is watching on the site.

The site also provides users access to browse Wikipedia generally as they would do using a web browser on the net using their Computers.Since VUDU has an interface which is mostly based on online links and movies, they were said to have implemented this new interface since it is easy to add such functionality.

Also they have included the movie review site Rotten Tomatoes and a few of the latest theatrical trailers and many more features on the site. All VUDU users are said to get updates at a time without considering the facts of what hardware they use to access the service. They are not required to wait for individual firmware upgrades either as said by the VUDU..

The Wikipedia app can be accessed and used free of cost by selecting from the VUDU menu. VUDU had added Flickr, Pandora, Picasa, and a long list of other apps to its menu in the month of November followed by this as its next big step.

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