Wallpaper in the home page of an IPhone

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Here is the question that some one wanted to know about iPhone.

This Diana from Washington DC. I took a picture of my son on my iPhone. I would like to put this picture on the homepage of my iPhone. How can I do that. This is a jailbroken 3G iPhone. I am not sure what version number it has


Good question. This answer should be applicable whether you iPhone is jailbroken or not.

– On your iPhone click on Photos.
– Browse the photos. Look at the one that you want to set at the wallpaper or the background photo.
– On the bottom left hand side you will see an icon. Click on this icon.
– It will give you three options – Email Photo, Assign to Contact and Use as Wallpaper. Select – Use as Wallpaper.
– You should be all set.

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