Want to install iPad’s operating system on iphone?

Posted by Stefan on January 31st, 2010 in Announcements | 1 Comment


Yes you have heard t right. Now you all have the opportunity to install the iPad’s operating system in your iphones. As you all know that OS 3.2 has always been a good one to use in our gadgets. This operating system provides us all the beneficial features. Facilities like: video conferencing and video calling can be easily discovered in it. Now you do not need to keep updating your softwares and other apps, every time. This problem has also been solved.


You can also discover an astonishing feature in the form of multi tasking.Generally, we do not see it in the other gadgets. The local storage facility which will be provided to you is also worth investing. All your files and folders will be completely safe in it. Even the pace of file downloading is also good in it. So you must not hesitate in using it. There are more exciting features like these. Check them out as well.


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  1. engg says

    July 1, 2010

    Is it possible to load ipad software on the iphone 4 to use data only plan?