Westinghouse LD–3255VX LED HDTV

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One of the latest offerings from Westinghouse is the LD-3255VX LED television model boasting high definition resolution and exhibiting a price of $380. The Westinghouse LD-3255VX is a part of the LD-325 series and arrives in package consisting of tabletop stand, a remote control operating on 2 AAA battery size, a 60 inch long AC power cable and above all an owner’s manual to customize and operate it.

An assessment of the Westinghouse LD-3255VX LED TVs screen reveals that it measures 31.5 inches diagonally. As is the case with LED televisions of being quite slim, the LD-3255VX can be easily wall mounted or arranged on a table with the help of the bundled stand. The best resolution offered by the television goes up to a matrix of 1366 x 768 pixels which, is definitely better than normal CRT televisions in addition to good sound reproduction capabilities.

As the norm defines a high definition resolution television produces very crisp images with 1080 pixel horizontal line resolution. The Westinghouse LD-3255VX falls short by a little margin and hence is not a full HD compliant. The television has an aspect ratio of 16:9 for maximum viewing pleasure and a contrast ratio that can be maxed out at 100000:1. Regarding the sound quality, the LD-3255VX is equipped with virtual surround sound circuitry to provide a realism of surround sound. The virtual surround sound is reproduced with the help of SRS TruSurround system in conjunction with a pair of 5 Watt speakers located at front bottom of the television screen that provides optimal listening experience.

The Westinghouse LD-3255VX television comes with a plethora of ports for connecting external peripherals. It has 2 HDMI ports to accept connection from input devices in addition to PC video input. A USB port makes connecting devices like a digital camera or camcorder quite easy. Apart from these ubiquitous and must have ports, the LD-3255VX is also equipped with sockets for composite video, component video and RF antenna. Lack of Ethernet port or a wireless adapter shuns it from connecting to the Internet and is also void of any inbuilt tuner.

The Westinghouse LD-3255VX lacks the PiP or the Picture-in-Picture feature that is very much available in other high end HD television models. The model comes with Energy Star certification conforming it an energy efficient compliant device and utilizing 20%-30% less energy than the normal standards. During its normal operation it takes in 52 Watts of power and lowers it to just 1 watt when in standby state. To wade through it menu options, the television comes programmed with 3 languages namely English, Spanish and French. It is also programmed with a sleep timer to shutdown the television at a particular time but doesn’t have an alarm timer. Although much loaded, it delivers the good what it has been built for making one better LED television sets to own.

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