what is baseband in iphone

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Andrew Johnathan from Washington DC, asks this question.

– I keep reading many times a basedband version of iPhone in many discussion.Many people talk something like – how to upgrade iphone baseband version x.y.z to something else. I have also heard about the discussion about it in the iPhone 4 unlock or jailbreak phone. They talk about an iOS version and a baseband version. After all, what is the baseband version of an iPhone ?

Answer –

Andrew thanks for asking this question at freshgizmos. This question will help not only you but also many people who read or take a lot of interest in Apple iPhone, more recently in iPhone 4.

There are two broad categories of the things you need to know two broad categories. The first is the operating system. The applications need the operating system. An Operating system is the first thing that need to unlocked if we want to get access to the music video and applications.

But even if the Operating system is hacked, it does not give you ability to use the iPhone as a phone. It will not be able to access the SIM card and the new carrier. So there is second thing that we called the baseband. Once baseband is unlocked, you get the access to the carrier. You can now use any carrier and are not tied to your Apple’s preferred carrier.

You can check the OS number and the baseband version in your iPhone by going to Settings -> General -> About. The OS version is simply called version.

The baseband version is called Modem Firmware. A Typical OS version ( Also called iOS ) is something like 3.0.1. A typical baseband version or firmware version is something like 04.26.08

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  1. Giza says

    March 20, 2011

    Giza from Kosovo asks this question
    I bought an iphone 4 fully unlocked last week and I went to a mobile shop to insert the Sim card but they accidentally upgraded it to 4.3 version and the baseband as well to 04.10.01. I have tried to jailbreak and downgrade it but to no avail. Will I ever get to downgrade or jailbreak my iphone 4 or should I buy another one ?