What is rooting a phone

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If you have been among the nerds’ talk you must have heard about “root a phone” or “rooting a phone”. So what does rooting a phone means.

The term root in this context originates from the Linux lingo. In Linux a root user is an administrator who who has all the administrative privileges. Normally an smart phone with Android or Linux does not come with support for a root users. Normal users do not need it. All they want is to turn on the phone and start using it. If they need any application they can download and start using it. It satisfies the need of most users.

However, if you are tech savvy, you may like to explore further. The device may be more capable of that what it is programmed for if you can get the root access. You can then update and modify to get access to unused and forbidden ports and features. Many advanced Android users like to “play with” the devices.

The rooting is similar to the “jailbreaking” of you are familiar with iPhone Lingo. iPhone was not designed to be given the root level access to the users. However, hackers have been able to develop techniques to “jailvbreak” the iPhone and install its own system called “cydia”.

We will be covering up methods to jailbreak or root several Android and iphone based system for in the coming time. Stay tuned.

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