Windows 7 More Popular than Mac OS X Versions

Posted by Stefan on November 29th, 2009 in Announcements, Windows | No Comments


Surprisingly true, Windows 7 has literally been proven to hit over the Mac OS X versions in the market. As according to the market survey reports, Microsoft has eventually sold more copies of the latest operating system more than that of the Apple Inc.

One may conclude that Microsoft will obviously promote their claims to be the gainer yet it is to be admitted that irrespective of the versions of OS, or the original or pirated versions, Microsoft remains to be the dominator in the global market. The demand for Windows XP/Vista or the latest Windows 7 always rose up as compared to that of the Apple seeds.

One of the major reasons for the eventually gained more profit is that, hardly any user find it affordable to install an Apple Workstation and hence install the Mac operating system in it. As compared to the past market surveys and assumptions, it is quite obvious that the Microsoft family will do the market with the forth coming versions of Windows though the struggle for existence and popularity will be there among the Mac.

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