Windows Opens Doors to Older Phones

Posted by Stefan on November 17th, 2009 in Announcements, Cell Phones | No Comments


Microsoft has finally come up with a good news for the people still using Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1 smartphones. It has announced the Marketplace support for such devices. After the Microsoft announcement of PC version of Marketplace, they have finally decided to open the doors for everyone by making the store accessible to older Windows Mobile phones.

The users of 6 or 6.1 just need to point their browser to to download the stuff to get the app store working. going by the figures, the number of users are incomparable to Apple’s App Store but the Marketplace is definitely growing. Making the stores available to older OS versions is definitely a smart move in this world of competition. the only problem that could be foreseen is the compatibility issue for higher versions of Windows Mobiles like 6.5 phones.

However, there are still signs of the Marketplace growth and introduction of more hot features.

So, the ball lies in the court of Mobile 6.1 users whether they want to raplace their handset with Windows Mobile 6.5 handset

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