World’s First Curved LCD Display On Sale

Posted by Stefan on November 24th, 2009 in Announcements, Gaming, High Definition | No Comments


The 43″ curved LCD display from Ostendo would definitely attract the customers at first sight especially because of its design.Its steep price of over $6000 ma, however take them away.

The CRVD curved display has an amazing aspect ratio of 32:10 making a trade off with its screen resolution. Ostendo has already put up some claims on its new design, one of them being that it can replace multi-screen setups. It also claims that it can provide some real gaming experience by making use of the ‘Human Visual System’ and natural peripheral vision. The CRVD is supposed to be compatible with all current graphics and PC games. However, this claim seems to be more of a fake as some games like BioShock already face problems running on a smaller resolution screen then the CRVD. But the screen would provide awesome effects for games like Flight Simulator X or Mass Effect.

According to Internet reports, the CRVD was expected to be sold with the NEC name earlier this year, but the company is trying to sell it by themselves now.

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