World’s First Four Primary Color 3D LCD TV

Posted by Stefan on April 12th, 2010 in High Definition | No Comments

We know that Sharp is strong when we talk about LCD panel area, which means it’s not a big surprise the company is the first to announce a 3D LCD with four base colors:yellow, red, green and blue.Sharp shays that this new 3D LCD TV are 80% brighter than standard models.

The company expects that the 3D TV market to expand to 10 million units in 2012.The new 3D LCD TV are expected to be available for customers this summer in Japan,as part of their Aquos LCD TV range, and they showed off a 60 inch model when the new TV was unveiled.

For the moment there are no informations pricing, details or release date,and no details on when we are likely to see these new 3D LCD TV’s in the US and Europe.

via crunchgear

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