World’s First Projector Phone hits the market

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A reputed brand name that was involved as a mild entertainment provider in the airline seats – is now involved to rock the market with its all new Wireless smart phone that has the capability of a digital projector. engadget claims such a product to be the first and foremost and a unique one to mark the onset of similar kind of products. The previous products that have already been launched are generally additional enhancements.

The technical specialty of the latest product offers a Symbian operating system with with a provision for dual sim cards. Bluetooth, digital cameras being an obvious existence to this handset lacks the 3G facility. The on board facility of the projector is capable to projector images up to 64 inches in the width. The projector phone bears the model name of 150 LGW and is readily available in the existing market in competence to the world of iPhone.

via OhGizmo

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