Xbox 360 Elegant Edition

Posted by Stefan on November 27th, 2009 in Announcements, Gaming, Xbox | No Comments


Most of you might be having a though that XBOX 360 have many cool gaming features but if we talk about the looks and style, then it is not among the best. But now, there has been a revolutionary change in its design and cases. A Swedish company has come out with an “Elegant Edition” which has made the XBOX 360 gadget unique.

XBOX 360 “Elegant Edition” has been specially designed keeping the childish look in your mind. The modifications which has been brought to the traditional gadget is not much but still people like it. The features are more or less the same, only the case cover which has been redesigned brings the much needed attractiveness in it. There are various designs from which you can choose one. So, have a good look at all of them and enjoy its appealing look.

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