Yamaha’s yAired-equipped MCR-140

Posted by Stefan on November 13th, 2009 in Gadget, Music Players | 1 Comment


Yamaha is known for their technical strengths and their latest gadget speaks awesomeness. The MCR-140 micro stereo sports some nice features such as an old fashioned CD player, USB ports and FM tuner. So far we see nothing to suggest support for HD radio but the machine does carry the feature to stream music wirelessly to subwoofers, and stream music from iPods, and iPhones.

The price is set at $399.95 for the the system described as equipped. However if you are a man (or woman) of wires, you can get the system for $120 sans the wireless music features. Oh and it does ship with a remote so that’s a plus.




via engadget

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