Zune HD 3D games video – A quick review

Posted by Stefan on November 12th, 2009 in Announcements, Gaming, Portable Device | No Comments


The much awaited  Zune with 3D games launched this morning. A quick glance enabled some interesting feature about this new game.

The ZUNE HD comprises the overwhelming Tegra chip with the graphics in PGR with the Ferrari edition with PSP that is perhaps much better with the obscure grain and textures, premium quality reflections and the furry framework.

Though the other games are not as powerful ,but they all are smooth unquestionably. The preeminent part is that they all are free all you have to do is to just gaze at the Zune ad when load.

Not the nastiest swapping in the world, but every body would surely love to watch what remunerated app developers can do if Microsoft would open up this fiend.

via engadget

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